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August 10, 2022 ashbyadmin

Why Is It Recommended To Build On Your Lot?

Have your dream house on your own land, invest in your future and build equity for your family. These are things usually advised by everyone around us. But designing your dream home, having time to plan, and making changes isn’t an easy job. For this, you would need a reliable custom home builder near you. Especially, if you are planning to build on your lot. 

Build custom home On Your Lot


Consider the points listed by us carefully while building on your lot. 

Building on your lot can save you money and let you have a truly custom home. It is considered rewarding because you can customize everything, from the layout of your home to all of its features and finishes. However, one wrong choice can land you in trouble which you will need to bear for years. 

Build On Your LotGet Out Of The Cookie-Cutter Home 

Cookie cutter homes are identical homes built on a lot. It becomes difficult to distinguish between the homes. With a custom home, you would get a home that fits your budget. You can get more for your money and make the home look lavish. 

Pick Your Location for new custom home

Choose a less crowded residential area. Stay closer to your job location and do check if the location has proper commutation amenities. Avoid weirdly shaped home sites. Choose the site with the right geographical features, and ensure that trustworthy experts are by your side to help you with the process. 

You Can Build On Your Timeline 

Whenever someone starts with the plan of a custom home, the topic gets stuck on the budget. With custom house building, you can build the home according to you.   Avoid the extra costs and headaches of dealing with a tear-down or an existing home with structural problems. 

Build To Fit Your Lifestyle.


Build On Your Lot

Design a house that’s right for you and your family. Building on your lot has advantages over buying a pre-built house in a community or neighborhood with strict requirements. You have the liberty to add more rooms and dimensions to your house. 

Flexible Floor Plans

You don’t have to be stuck with the floor option provided by the builder. You get to choose from the wide range of floor plan options that you can explore with your custom home builder. Floor plans can be widely categorized into – traditional, contemporary, and custom. 

Choose The Right Home Builder 

You get to choose your home builder with whom you’re comfortable. Build with an experienced builder who has been in this area for decades. Explore the right custom home builder near you having professional craftsmen to start your construction process. 

What About HOA?

Basically, HOA is a homeowner’s association. You may or may not like HOA, due to the set of rules laid by them. At times, they might come up with restrictions on your revamp options and limitations on the number of pets. You will have to take approval before you start with the revamp process. Of course, your residential premises will be tidy and maintained. But, for that you will have to bear the restrictive bylaws laid by the association. 

Customize Your Home  

Get the home you want. Building your home on your lot is an excellent way to customize and control every part of the construction process. Yes, it is going to be a tedious process, but it will be worth every penny. 

Choose the expert in custom home building around Georgetown, Texas, and be confident that you won’t be stuck with a home design that’s not right for you.

Want more freedom and privacy when it comes to getting the perfect house? Then start with the land itself! Get better value for your money by building on an affordable piece of land than by buying an existing home in the same area. Contact Ashby Signature Homes to get started with the custom home building process.  

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