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November 16, 2021 ashbyadmin

Why You Should Choose Building a Custom Home

Pros & Cons Of Building a Custom Home.

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney. Everyone dreams of owning a home, but not everyone can match it to the yardstick when you measure it by your salary. Owning a home is your asset which you cherish for the rest of your lifetime. Be it a small home or a palace, it not only dignifies your status but is also a symbol of financial responsibility. 

There are challenges involved in customizing a home, which require experts’ attention. As with every coin, a custom home also has two sides. A walk through of the pros and cons of building a custom home follows below.

Why Custom-Built Homes Are Better?

Designing Your Desires

Transforming your dream house into a beautiful palace could be a big step and decision for you. Building a custom house offers several benefits, including the flexibility to design everything to suit your tastes. Your ideas and imagination will turn into visuals when you a choose custom home builder for your home construction. If you already own a plot for construction near Georgetown, then it’s an added advantage for you because Ashby Signature Home can help you begin the construction work immediately. Be it your garden set up or shaping your rooms according to sunlight, everything under the cloud gets covered. Regardless of whether you have any ideas or layouts, no worries, your contractor gets it covered.

Relief From Maintenance

A ready-made home might have leaky pipes, chipped wall paints, or hidden revamp for wiring, leakages, wall paints, pipeline setups, etc. Now it’s time to say bye to them because with a new house everything is brand new. You have a say over the selection and customization process. Installing quality products can reduce the additional expenses in the long run which can’t be ensured in the ready-made homes. Additionally, builders issue a warranty on custom-built homes. So no more worries about roofs, walls, or maintenance. No more headaches about revamp because it is a clean slate!

Energy Efficient

The latest technology used for building homes utilizes energy-efficient materials. They are deployed in the interiors of the house as well as in construction materials too. Green construction is the need of the hour, as it is a desirable investment for both parties. Asphalt or concrete mixtures can accomplish a higher efficiency when combined with reusables. Cool roofs, Advanced home framing, Strawbale & many more options are available for customers. Also, not to forget about Solar and wind setups that are making their way into mainstream construction. The personalized living room design options are available with various materials like bio-based plasticizers, green cables, etc. This choice provides high durability at a low cost. Now you can bid farewell to big bills and say hi to Eco-friendly living!

Cons: Why Do Buyers Hesitate For Custom-Built Homes?

Your Dream Home May Get Delayed

The time consumed for building a custom home may take up to years. It involves many stages like planning, approval, and execution steps. The weather is one of the chief reasons for creating hurdles in construction work. Apart from it, if any unexpected event occurs in the middle of the construction process, it might prolong the finish time. Furthermore, till your dream house gets converted into reality, you need to stay in a rented house, which is an additional cost for you.

Construction Loan

Getting a construction loan may lead to a stressful conditions as the loan provision favors more ready-made homes. Also, it comes with a higher interest loan than traditional mortgages. A fundamental consideration to keep in mind is 20-25% down payment has to be done, as a construction loan possesses a higher risk. For loan sanction, you need to present project plans, costs, and land value. Exclusive contracts are devised, which would include budget and timeline details. Furthermore, the expenditure fluctuates according to designs, location, complexity, materials, size, and many other factors. 

Thoughts to Ponder Upon

Selecting and purchasing land for the construction of your custom home can be a tiring process for you. It may be tedious to find a property that matches your desires. Commutation services, Medical Services, and Essential services need to be there around the home in that particular location. Unlike prebuilt homes, it is arduous to negotiate with real estate agents for land. While purchasing land, one must keep in mind the loopholes like fraud registrations, Property flipping fraud, etc. Land development can be expensive. It includes soil testing, land permit, demolishing any existing structure, drainage plans, pipeline fittings, etc. 

Furthermore, fixing countertops, cabinets, interiors, exteriors, appliances, and other fixtures would appear as unstated expenses. It is just the tip of the priceberg, the list may continue to grow.

Pre-built homes are good but a Custom built houses are great, then why not opt for a bigger version? Weigh the pros and cons carefully and opt for the right decision for your family. Because this is not just a home, it is an investment for your life, for your future generation. 

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