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September 26, 2017 ashbyadmin

Two New Must-Have Custom Home Features

There are plenty of new options cooking in modern kitchens when home builders combine everyday appeal with eye-catching designs. 


Too many cooks in the kitchen? It’s no longer a problem when you add a separate sink in the island. A prep sink is a great way to divvy up the culinary tasks among family and friends or for hobby chefs. Separate sinks are now a regular addition to custom home construction where casual living often centers around the kitchen. Whether you simply need an extra space for filling water glasses, washing hands, or washing fruits and vegetables, you may just become addicted to the accessibility and flexibility an extra sink offers in the kitchen. 


Built-in wine racks are also becoming a highlight for many custom homes. What better way to store and display your collection of wines than with a wine rack that is within easy reach for entertaining? Include it as a discreet space for your private collection or include it as a bold centerpiece in your new custom kitchen. 


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