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May 28, 2019 ashbyadmin

Slate of Custom Home Features Now Increasingly In Demand

One of the best benefits of custom home construction is that it allows you to build a home to your exact specifications. When you hire a custom home builders, you never need to worry about sacrificing quality or settling for a cookie cutter home that looks like every other home in the neighborhood. Your dream home can be anything that you would like for it to be.


Recent studies indicate that a number of emerging trends are now growing in popularity. Building a home is likely the most significant investment you will make in your lifetime. As such, it is important to choose features that will make your home as comfortable as possible. Many of the features that homeowners are now choosing to include in their custom homes are aimed at providing a higher quality of life and are all about experience. One such feature is the game room. Whether it’s outfitted with a pool table or set up for family and friends to gather to play table-top games, a game room is now requested by an increasing number of people opting for custom built homes.


Along those same lines, more and more people are now requesting a room in the home where they can meditate or get fit. Meditation rooms, yoga rooms, and exercise rooms offer personalized and dedicated spaces for improving one’s overall well-being.


Entertainment is still very much in style and a variety of features are being incorporated into custom homes to make it easier to entertain family and friends. A home bar is one feature that has come and gone over the years, but is currently very much en vogue. Featuring a prep sink, shelving, and perhaps even a mini-fridge and built-in wine cooler, a home bar is the perfect addition to a home that is built with entertainment in mind. Media rooms are also still quite popular, particularly among families who prefer the intimacy of being able to stay in and still view movies or those who like to entertain frequently.


An increasing number of new custom homes are now being built to soaring heights and include two-story entry foyers that are designed to make an immediate impression when guests first enter. Two-story family rooms are also growing in popularity.


Homeowners who wish to take full advantage of the gorgeous scenery surrounding them in Texas Hill Country often request a full outdoor kitchen. While an outdoor kitchen could be as simple as an extended patio area with a grill, more elaborate affairs features a fridge, sink, cabinetry, lighting, and rustic stone countertops are also highly in demand.


With all of the many excellent wineries nestled throughout Texas Hill Country, many homeowners also want to take full advantage of the ability to properly store those wines at home in their own wine cooler. These appliances are now available in a variety of sizes and can easily be included as a built-in feature of any home plan. Warming drawers have also become increasingly popular kitchen features. As multi-generational living becomes more widespread, warming drawers make it easy to keep food warm and accessible for various members of the family who may be on different schedules.


Although not quite as popular, a number of other custom home features are also popping up. One of them is a laundry chute. With this feature, there is no longer a need to trudge up and down stairs with heavy baskets of laundry. Simply drop clothing down the chute and directly into the laundry room.


His and her baths are also still viewed as an excellent way to reduce strife between married couples and ensure that everyone has ample space for getting ready for the day ahead. Many of those bathrooms are now designed to reflect a spa-like experience. In fact, estimates indicate that approximately 50 percent of all new homes now feature a whirlpool tub. Compared to last year, the sale of spa equipment has also increased by 10 percent and is expected to continue an upward trend the remainder of the year.


Regardless of what your personal style might happen to be, one trend that is universal is the shift toward custom homes built using the latest technology. Various high-tech and entertainment features have become vastly popular, such as advanced siring systems that are designed to support state-of-the-art sound systems, home entertainment, communication, and home office technology. In particular, multiple plug-and play access points for games, computers, video, and multimedia are now being incorporated into many new custom home designs.


Finally, more people are demanding increased storage spaces. Many homeowners ultimately regret not having enough storage space and custom home designs are now tackling the problem in a proactive manner by including a variety of creative storage solutions that ensure everyone has a space for everything.


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