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March 27, 2023 ashbyadmin

Mediterranean Inspired Villa For Custom Home Buyers In Austin, Texas

The Mediterranean home building style is quite a popular style amongst people who have an affinity for warm weather, sunshine and relaxation. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm dry summers and mild wet winters which is similar to the climate in Texas. The Mediterranean climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, which has a very mild winter temperature. This type of climate makes it ideal for gardening as well as outdoor activities for custom homeowners during all four seasons of the year. Mediterranean villas are popular because they offer an elegant lifestyle with a relaxed atmosphere, and we take inspiration from those villas to build your new dream home in Austin, Texas. In ideal condition, the open floor plan includes three bedrooms on one side of the house and two bedrooms on another side with a full bath between them all. There is also a space on one end with plenty of windows so you can enjoy natural light throughout. This style was popularized by architect Antonio Gaudi, who designed homes and buildings in Barcelona, Spain. This style has become extremely popular in Texas, with many homes being built with this style in mind. 


The Mediterranean-style home has several key elements that make it appealing to homebuyers in Austin, Texas:

Home Architecture

The home’s architecture is characterized by large windows, a spacious layout and an open floor plan. This is the ideal layout for families or people who want to entertain in their backyard. The main living area of your custom home is large enough to accommodate a family of five or six and has an easy flow into the kitchen and dining area. A large master bedroom suite with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet. Spacious bathrooms with large glass showers and multiple vanities.


Natural light comes from windows with small panes that allow natural light into the rooms. Outdoor living spaces are accessible through large doors or glass walls that open up to an exterior patio or deck. A covered outdoor space can be useful for entertaining guests, but also provides protection from the elements.  A private outdoor living space for entertaining friends and family at night or enjoying meals outside on the patio.



A pool provides shelter from inclement weather and provides a place for entertaining family members or friends. The Mediterranean-style home has an outdoor patio area that includes a pool, hot tub and barbecue grill. The pool is surrounded by lush landscaping and provides an oasis of relaxation for homeowners.


Design details

The Mediterranean style features distinctive architectural features like arches, pillars, and alcoves that help create a sense of intimacy between rooms.

A partially covered front porch. This feature adds character to the home’s exterior while providing a place for residents to relax in the private shade during warm weather months. 


Open Floor Plan. 

The open floor plan is an excellent way to maximize space and create a flow between rooms. This is especially true if you live in a large family and want everyone to be able to move freely throughout the house.


A Courtyard. 

A courtyard can be a great place for entertaining or relaxing, while still having access to the rest of your home. It’s also a great place to put in a pool should you choose to have one!


Exterior Walls

Exterior walls are low-profile and not visible from outside your home. This allows more natural light into the house, which is always nice!


One can draw a lot of inspiration from other cultures and make the customization unique and better. If you wish to build your custom house in a similar way in Austin, Texas contact Ashby Signature Homes. Because we understand your custom home needs and fulfill them with our creativity and detail. 

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