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November 1, 2017 ashbyadmin

A Great Place to Live and Work

What makes Austin and the surrounding area one of the best places to live in the country? Not only did Kiplinger rank Austin as the Number One Best City for the Next Decade in 2012, but also, the Austin metropolitan area was also recently ranked by Forbes magazine as number one among all big cities for jobs growth in 2012. Given the city’s vibrant music scene, ability to act as hotbed for small businesses, educational opportunities, historical traditions, and recreational opportunities, Austin and the surrounding area is a great location for homebuyers interested in a custom home in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Custom home builders in Austin or Georgetown can provide advantages simply not possible with an existing home. Not only are you able to design your home to your exact specifications, but you can also easily incorporate your own distinctive style into your new home, including energy-saving, eco-friendly design trends, native stone work, and user-friendly, interactive home automation features.


If you are looking for Custom Home Builders in Austin then contact Ashby Construction at 512-876-9008. 

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