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June 8, 2022 ashbyadmin

Exterior Design Ideas For Custom Homes

Exterior Design Ideas To Make Your Dream Home Fascinating

A custom home is a tailored construction process to fit your demands and desires. Often custom home builders and designers focus on the interiors of a home, which overshadows the importance of exterior aesthetics. The first thing noticed by any guest appearing at your gate is your outer look and not interiors. All you need is the right exterior planning to enhance the beauty of your home inside out. We at Ashby Signature Homes have listed a few tips for your custom home exterior designing ideas.

Give a thought about these simple tactics to create an emphasis on a custom home. 

Exterior Design Ideas For Custom Homes

Exterior Design Ideas For Custom Homes

Decide On Your Exterior Materials

There is a wide range of materials available for designing your home exterior. You can choose bricks, stone, siding planks, timber, etc for the external finishing. Selecting any one out of these can be extremely confusing and difficult. Let us make this task simple for you! Material selection for your custom home should begin combining with your background colors, your garden theme, completely as per your choices. Let the color of your house complement the elements present besides uplifting the look.

Bricks –  

It is the regular choice made by the people for their exterior due to its low cost and low maintenance. It gives a simple look, with apt color variations, you can turn the appearance remarkable. 

Stone Finish – 

Like brick designing, stone finish is also easy to improve. A stone finish is a perfect selection for your home if you are searching for a natural finish or cave theme. This designing pattern goes well with a water theme or if you have a pool in your garden.

Siding Planks – 

Don’t consider the board and batten to be an ancient look. It gives a rustic farmhouse feel. You can set the planks in the vertical or horizontal plane as per your wish to have a striped effect. You might be afraid that the timber used in the siding planks would last long or not? Don’t worry the timber used for this purpose is a sturdy one and will withstand the weather of Texas.

Additionally, fixing the detailing on window panels, doors and roofing can be altered with respect to the theme of your personalized home. You can also experiment by combining two elements and achieve this look.

Plant The Right Ones!

Planting trees randomly and calling it a lawn is not funny. You need to structure the lawn with appropriate trees, hedges, and bushes to increase the versatility and aesthetics. You can design your garden based on the different garden styles. All you need to create is balance and unity amongst the different element combinations.

Like a theme of nature or a wild garden.
Here you have an array of options lying in front of you to implement. The structure needs to be rustic and bold. Add a few pieces of furniture or create a shaded place to enjoy the view with some drink, admire the weather, and talk with your loved ones. 

What Else Can You Include To Your Custom House Look?

Usually, when we discuss external features, we restrict ourselves to the lawn, windows, and external finish of our home. But the story doesn’t end here. You can play around with the other elements to make it look captivating. 

Adding Some Blue To Your Greens

The swimming pool has become a favorite part of the exterior design. Who won’t love a swimming pool in their backyard? It can also be used as an element of your landscape design to give the effect of nature. Some people prefer adding a fountain to the garden in their entrance with some intricate design to give it a royal look.

Furniture Selection

If you have a garden with a modern look, then a designer or simple furniture can also go well. In the case of a nature-themed garden, go for a piece of timber furniture. It gives a whole new vibe to the outdoor living look of your home. 

Texture And Shape Of A Garden

You can prune the plants in varied sizes, or plant the ones that won’t require any pruning efforts. Save your efforts and time with appropriate plant selection. 

Outdoor kitchen Setup

Have a party with your friends at your place during the weekend? This is going to be a perfect setup for the outdoor theme party. You can enjoy grilling each other as well as the meat by adding fun games as a seasoning.

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