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January 3, 2022 ashbyadmin

Everything You Need To Know About Spec Home Vs Custom Home

Everything You Need To Know About Spec Home Vs Custom Home

Everything You Need To Know About Spec Home Vs Custom HomeWhile planning for your dream home, you have plenty of options lying ahead of you, creating tons of confusion. But when you have made up your mind for buying there are just two options available for you – either a Spec Home or a Custom Home.

What Is A Spec Home?

Spec homes are planned and designed by builders. Builders buy a huge lot of land where they construct these homes, considering the area to be an ideal choice for customers. It is a ready-made home where you can move in immediately, providing facilities and reliability in an apt balance. The standardized version of the home building enables customers to make decisions just by looking at the models. Eventually, when you have decided then walk into the floors to confirm the things further.

What Is A Custom-built Home?

As the name speaks for itself, it’s all about customization. Every brick is arranged according to you. You just need to convey your ideas and approve the construction planning to your custom home builder and they will begin with your dream home. Here you can set things according to your convenience, unlike Spec home. Read more about latest Custom Homebuilding Trends for 2022

Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Spec Home

Pros of Choosing A Spec Home


When you are considering buying a house within your budget limits then a spec home is the one you should consider. Spec home is affordable compared to a custom home. 

Time saving

You need not waste your time planning how the rooms need to be built, how the flooring has to be done, etc. 

Budget friendly

If you plan to outsource the appliances, cabinets, and flooring probably the costs would be higher than you expected. But builders get this work done in a bunch, so it is advantageous to you as well as for them. Additionally, if you plan to buy an old home they have hidden repairing costs. In spec homes, it is a newly built place and essential amenities are already set, so you need not fix anything additionally. 

Take a look before buying

Spec Home provides an opportunity to take a look at home, before landing on buying decision.

Cons of Choosing A Spec Home

Restricted changes

As spec homes come with essential amenities, there is no room for additional customization. Everything is already optimized according to your need. But if you plan for extra customization then your cost increases.

Identical homes

If you are looking out for aesthetically different and stand out experiences then spec homes are not made for you. Eventually, all these homes are built on identical blueprints and have standardized amenities.


There are possibilities that you may not like the location or not be comfortable with the locality.

Spec home won’t wait for you

If you don’t respond to the builder on time, then you may have to lose the chosen home. Chances are high that builder will to sell off the house to a potential customer who is ready to pay the cash immediately.


Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Custom-built Home

Pros of Choosing Custom Built Home 


– While choosing a custom-built home, you have a say over numerous things like the number of cabinets you need, switch points, rooms, set up of the garden area, etc. Additionally, flooring and interiors are designed as per your ideas & style

Energy efficiency

–  Modern day custom-built homes utilize energy-efficient materials for construction and wiring. This serves as a sustainable and energy-saving option. For ex – Fiber cables, set up solar panels, etc

Quality materials

– You can monitor the quality of materials that are being used. Custom home builders make sure to procure the best quality materials for your construction process.  

Budget flexibility

– People often say that a custom-built home is expensive, but the truth is you are solely responsible for this. When you choose lavish outcomes, then it turns expensive. Otherwise, it is a budget flexible option.


Cons of Choosing Custom Built Home


– The time required to complete a custom home building depends on various factors like – weather, availability of resources, complexity, planning, etc.

Finding a suitable location

– Locating an appropriate place, with all amenities as per your desires has turned into a big task these days. Due to rapid developments in the urban area, getting suitable land is a bit difficult.


– Your dream home may not seem to be an affordable option to many as unexpected expenses may turn up at the last moment


Conclusion About Spec Vs Custom Built Home?

On a concluding point, spec homes are great no doubt but it comes with a restriction of options with additional expense. On the other hand, a custom-built home might be time-consuming but has the best customization and efficiency compared to a spec home. Buying or building a home is an investment for your future. So, consider your points wisely before landing on a decision.

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