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April 24, 2018 ashbyadmin

Choosing the Right Countertop for your Custom Home

Numerous factors must be considered when building a custom home. From the flooring to the countertop materials you choose, an experienced new home builder can walk you through the many options available to design a home that reflects your personality and meets your lifestyle needs. One of the most important elements to consider when building a custom home is the material that will be used for the countertops. An array of options is available, but there are a few materials that are currently standing out as favorite choices.

Granite is still a top contender amongst many new home builders. Whether you are interested in a more contemporary look by opting for black granite counters or you are interested in a traditional feel, the number of options available with granite ensures you can find a look you will love.

If you want a warm and rich look, travertine could be an ideal choice. This natural stone has become increasingly popular in many custom home constructions recently. Available in an array of options that range from earthy browns to ivories, it is easy to find a tone that will perfectly suit your taste and décor. Travertine can be a particularly good option for homeowners who wish to achieve an Old World appearance. Although travertine is not as hard as other natural stones, such as granite, many people find that the upscale appearance of this stone is well worth it.