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May 23, 2022 ashbyadmin

3 Brilliant Wallpaper Tips for Custom Homes

Design Your Custom Home With Trendy Wallpapers

We all might remember how the walls used to look back in those days. If you have newly revamped and painted the house, then mom used to care for the walls; more than anyone else in the home. She used to ask us to stay away from newly painted walls to avoid the spillage. At that time, people had access to limited color shades, zero cleaning options, and it was time-consuming to paint the walls. Now you can say, gone are the places where paints used to rule your home with its monotonous color. Because all these cons of painting gave rise to the new form for walls – The Wallpapers. Wallpapers are the new trendy setup that you should look for in your custom home in Texas. Wallpapers come up with the flexibility to set according to the rooms. After switching to wallpapers, you will notice a new look and vibe of your room which was missing in the painted rooms.

Why Use Wallpapers For Your Custom Home?

Wallpapers enable you to explore more for your custom home. It can be exploited – according to the rooms, lighting, and dimensions of the house. Moreover, you can get them customized. One can play with the color palette, patterns, and textures and get them all at an affordable price range. The quick fix on the wall, easy to clean, and lucid wallpaper replacement have created more popularity amongst the people for wallpapers. For sure wallpapers have changed the entire perspective about painting the walls.

Wallpaper Design Ideas For Custom Home

You can choose wallpaper designs according to your personal choice or room arrangements. Here we are stating a few of the best designs for your Living room, Kitchen and bedroom.

Latest Living Room wallpaper

The living room is the space where you spend most of your time and the place where the hustle and bustle actually happens. Choose brighter and mood-lifting colors like shades of yellow or orange. If you are planning to add more details, consider the place and gadgets present in the room. Suppose the wallpaper is going to get placed behind the sofa, then you can choose a floral wallpaper pattern for a soothing and comforting feel. If the wallpaper will be in the background choosing an abstract design would be a great option. We hope you got the concept right! You can also design your entire home based on a theme or a part of your home. If you don’t prefer patterned wallpaper, then try exploring some great texture wallpaper made of grass and fiber.

Nature Bedroom wallpaper

For some people falling asleep at night is quite difficult, choose subtle colors designed for your room. Don’t overwhelm the room with too many designs. Keep it minimalist and subtle. If you are planning for a kid’s room then you can opt for some theme-based room decoration. Like it could be cartoon-based, nature, animal, or hobby-based designing. Either you can get the design available in the stock or go for customized wallpapers.

Awesome Kitchen Wallpaper

It is the favorite place for everyone to experiment and explore new dishes. It is the site of innovation so design the kitchen to ignite your mood to cook with passion. Consider the color of cabinets and other furnishing work so that your wallpaper can blend well with the theme.

If you are building a custom home in Texas then consider making your interior trendy and cool. Ashby Signature Homes is always there for you to guide in your custom home building journey. For more information, visit or contact us

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